aj made this great poster of all the days of creation. it was so awesome how hard he worked on it, and i LOVED the picture he drew of day 7. God resting in a big chair!

i am learning so much about creation vs. evolution in FBI. one thing that was talked about last night in class was this.

The argument from man’s conscience and moral nature. *the existence of man’s conscience and moral nature demands a self-conscious and moral maker.

1.though man’s conscience is often weak or ignored, it nonetheless exists in all men and tell us what we ought to do right. This implies a moral God who planted a moral nature within us.

2.Why would accidental arrangements of molecules have a conscience? why would highly developed animals ever feel guilty when they do wrong?

3.yet the universal presence of guilt evidences the universal moral conscience in the human race. there is a universal fear of judgment and a knowledge that we will one day answer to our God.

(taken from Faith Bible Institute notes Volume I)

i could go on all night, but i won’t. just look around you! it would be foolishness to assume that everything in this amazing, intricate, detailed world happened by chance. the existence of this design indicates a…drumroll please…you might not guess this… A DESIGNER!!!! and how amazing that a God with the power to design it all wants to be our friend. amazing thought. how GREAT IS OUR GOD!!


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