so many thoughts…what else is new

i have so many thoughts. i will try and save all my rants for a separate blog.
so for a brief update on the holidays…
we left the tuesday after christmas to go to pennsylvania to stay with my brother and his wife. my parents, and the four of us took my amazing trailblazer down, and it was a good trip. we got there at about 2:30. my older sister erika got there at about the same time, and my little sister melanie flew in about the same time too! there were a lot of us there, and ron and bobbi did a great job of hosting! it was a fast but really great time. we enjoyed some philly cheese steaks (wit whiz)…my dad treated. we sure do love eating 🙂
there is too much to say so i will just post some pictures.
there was a lot of video games being played…

there were some dance lessons by the most famous arthur murray dance instructor

my mom made her famous molasses cookies…oh they are sooo good! and i’ve got hips to prove that!

ron made me an amazing drink and some fancy pancakes

then we opened presents

then the tree came down

some christmas carols were sung

and that was that.


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