christmas traditions

tonight as i sit here in the quietness of the night, i am trying to be thankful for memories that i have. a normal christmas eve in the past would have included 8 kids running around, eating pizza together, practicing our “christmas lights” quartet, and lots of noiseeeee…wonderful noise!! tonight, for the first time in my 33 years, i spent christmas eve with my family and my parents. it was quieter. it was different. but i am thankful that God has given me sisters and a brother. they are still alive, they are healthy, they are saved, and they are just in different parts of the country. it’s ok. we have great memories to think back on, and we all still love each other so much. going along with differences… a normal christmas since i’ve been married (10 years) would include going to adam’s parents or sister’s house and spending christmas afternoon with them. this year there are no other chase’s in nh. it’s different. it’s hard for adam. but again…they are still alive and healthy, and we love each other. i am trying to just enjoy where God has everyone right now. i know that God is in complete control of our lives, and i will embrace that. i will trust HIM. challenging, but so worth it.

i still miss you erika, ronnie and melanie!!! you are the best brother and sisters a girl could EVER ask for! thank you so much for all the amazing christmases we’ve spent together! i love you!

as a kid, we always got to open one gift on christmas eve (pj’s) so we’ve kept it up with our boys too. so much fun! the boys loved opening the gifts, and were thrilled with their wii pants, and celtics robes.

ps. i am still enjoying my new video camera!!


3 thoughts on “christmas traditions

  1. ADORABLE!!! cute pictures, kids and pj's!!! i love their robes!! and wii pants!! 🙂 awesome!!!

    great video too!!! ry saying holy smokes, and aj opening up the gift with his eyes closed. so good 🙂

    see you guys next week!!
    love you!! 🙂

    so thankful for you!! God has truly blessed us. and its good that we can rest in the fact that God is in control, and is in control of us all living in different states. as hard as it is for us. maybe one day we'll all live in the same state again 🙂



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