i love…

that i got to meet my husband in kindergarten

i beat him at a math game in first grade. that has never happened since. he has always been smarter than me. he loves me anyways. i used to trip him in high school to try and get him to stop walking with his head lifted up so high. we got to go to college together. we loved running together at night after classes were over. sometimes we would run 10 miles. i loved doing that. i used to make him pasta in a hot pot and bring it to his window.

he is amazing. he reads his bible a lot. he knows where every verse i ask about is. he is an awesome daddy. he loves the boys so much. he loves bread. he is not a big ice cream fan. he leads worship at church. sometimes i just look at him on the stage and smile. we love watching sports together. he likes fantasy football. i’m not a big fan. i love him anyways. he can read my mind. he makes me feel like i am the most beautiful girl in the world.

i am so blessed to have adam as my husband. we have such similar passions and i love that. we have the same dreams, and i can’t wait to watch God fulfill them.


9 thoughts on “i love…

  1. and i LOVE this post!! man! 🙂
    love the pictures so much!! they all came out SO good!!!!!!!! they are all so perfect!! the colors, the backgrounds, i think my favorite is the one of you guys standing….but i like the sitting one too!! they are all GREAT!!

    Love you!!!


  2. WOW! These pictures are great! Who took them? How did you get Adam to do them? They are wonderful!

    It amazes me that you love my brother so much! You were prayed for and we know that God brought you together — even though we didn't know what you saw in him at times. 🙂 Thank you for loving him and encouraging him in the Lord! I am so proud of him as a husband and a daddy to the boys! You are a great team!



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