my boys

i love being a boys mommy. i love my boys. so much. i love that they are different. it amazes me sometimes.

is big for his age. always has been. i can remember wanting to put a sign on him when i was in public, saying what his age was! he fell off the bed a million times when he was little. i rocked him to sleep every night for at least a year straight. he used to sleep with 2 pacifiers, one in his mouth, and one to smell.

he has an incredibly sensitive heart.
he gets emotional easily, and still loves snuggling with me. he is a little more on the serious side. he’s a perfectionist and is really hard on himself. he LOVES daddy and wants to please him so much. he’s always been incredibly athletic. i remember when he was about 4, he picked up a tennis racket and ball for the first time and just bounced it off the wall to himself forever! he is a natural athlete, and is good at everything. he’s very competitive, but he is a good winner (usually :)) he has wicked neat handwriting.

he knows more football and basketball stats than most adults. he has been in 3 other countries. he loves God, and loves reading his bible and learning. he definately has a goofy, funny side.

he has a great laugh. he likes to stay up late. he loves his brother, and they almost always get along great. he loves his cousins, and misses them so much. he could watch football network all day and half the night. he loves ice cream. he likes just about every fruit and vegetable. he doesn’t care for rice. and he doesn’t like cake. he is very sarcastic. (don’t have a clue where he gets that) he likes to dance. he loves music…hip hop is his favorite (all christian only) he likes video games. he loves history. he is very slow-paced. sometimes we call him “aje”. his favorite color is green. he likes cooking. everyone loves him. he is a really great pray-er. sometimes he laughs so hard he cries.
he is an incredible boy and i can’t wait to see what God is going to do in and through his life.

Riley Joel
is a firecracker. he is fast paced, and moves constantly.

he is hysterical. makes me laugh constantly. we call him ry, and he likes to put that at the top of his papers in school. sometimes i call him leroy, roy or lloyd. i don’t know why. he is wicked fast. he finished the 1 mile run in 7:17. he is an incredibly good athlete. he loves soccer. he doesn’t like almost every fruit and vegetable. he doesn’t like ice cream. he loves cake. he loves bread. he could eat tortilla chips with salsa for every meal. he loves to sing. he likes playing with playmobil and other…”guys” (that’s just what we refer to them as!) he could play by himself for a long time. he likes watching westerns with nanny and grampops. he likes playing football. he loves mommy. he loves snuggling. he needs his “puppy blanket” and the puppies have to be facing up when he’s covered up. he doesn’t like being hot. he is very matter of fact. he misses his cousins so much.
he wanted to grow his hair out so he wouldn’t have to put gel in it anymore.

he loves popcorn. he’s very imaginative. he makes everyone laugh. he has been in 3 other countries. he uses big words. his favorite color is red. he has a very sensitive heart to the Lord. he is very naturally good at math. he has gotten 2nd degree burns and broken his collar bone. everyone loves him. he likes to stay up late, and has a really hard time falling asleep. his entire face lights up when he smiles.

he is an incredible boy and i can’t wait to see what God is going to do in and through his life.


4 thoughts on “my boys

  1. What a cool post!!!!!

    Isn't it better than saying, “when he was little he liked….” and then, “I don't know what he does at school and day care all day.”

    Ug. You know them so well.

    My nephew, who is now 16, always had “guys” too. šŸ™‚


  2. Your little Riley Joel sounds so much like my little Elijah Joel. My Elijah wants to be friends with Riley, so that they can run together. Elijah ran the mile in 7:20 this summer.

    Elijah is definitely our firecracker … faced paced, and always on the move. But … he is also a total snuggler.

    Our “little E” as we like to call him … had over 100 third degree burns when he was 3. He is our miracle boy.

    How old is Riley? My little Elijah is 7 (will be 8 in January.)


    mama of 13


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