my big sister

Happy Birthday to the BEST big sister a girl could ever ask for.

some of the reasons i love my sister –

*she loves the Bible as much as i do

*she is an incredible example of how a godly mom should be

*she never ever acts like she’s better than me, or like my problems are less than hers, even though she has 4 more kids than i do!

*she is almost always smiling

*she is a great listener

*she loves coffee

*she sometimes fails, and is not too prideful to admit that

*we could literally talk on the phone for hours and probably not have one milisecond of silence

*we have the same standards for raising our kids…and i honestly don’t think there is another human alive that i could say that about!

*she knows how to multi-task

*she loves my kids

*she loves to ask for my fashion advice

*she is always thinking of others

*her love language is not words of affirmation, so she won’t even need to read this post 🙂

i could go on and on all day long, but i will stop for now.

*the one thing i hate…

she is WAY too far away from me right now!!!!!

i love you erika, thank you for being such an amazing and wonderful sister and friend. i feel so proud to have you as my sister, and i honestly feel bad for everyone else in the world who doesn’t get to have you as their sister. hope you have a great birthday.

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