just a few things…

oh i have so many thoughts. i am learning so much and i think i could go on forever. but i wont…for now. fair warning, though. you never know when a long,intense blog might come up 🙂
but for now, a recap.
*vacation in our beloved alton bay starts tomorrow.
*melanie leaves tomorrow morning to come to NH!!!
*the countdown is on for the currier’s arrival for labor day
*the boys swimming lesson went great thursday
*bic and cheryl have been working wicked hard around here to make the outside look nice.

*i am just about caught up in my bible reading (only 1 1/2 days behind!)
*i STILL have not gotten the title for my car, which means i can’t pick up my “new” one!!
*i am incredibly grateful for what God has given me (although i will admit, this whole car thing has caused the need for adam to remind me of this one on several occasions!)
*aj announced on sunday that he wanted to try and read proverbs through in 7 days. i smiled, and said…”ok”. on tuesday he was up to chapter 9, and wednesday night i asked him how he was doing in his reading. he said “ok”. i asked him where he was. “ecclesiastes 1” I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT!!!! i am so proud of him!

well, i think that’s all for now. i have to go and pack for vacation!!! 🙂
hope you all have a great week!!
i leave you with a few silly moments from our family getaway. take the time to have a little craziness with your kids…always worth it!


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