haven’t blogged in forever!!

i know it’s been a while since i’ve blogged. i couldn’t find the chord to my camera, so i didn’t want to post without pictures!! i will try to update on all the latest things going on in my life a little at a time!

i took the boys to the beach for our first “real” trip. we had gone with lindsay, but it wasn’t really hot enough to go in the water a lot. i really love going to rye beach, so i’m sure there will be a lot more pictures this year of the beach! it’s so great living so close…i will drive 20 minutes any day! natalya and kahlen, and the little girl she babysits (my friend ann winans little girl) came too, and the kids really had a good time! the boys loved being in the water, even though it was a little cold!! i can not ever say enough how much i adore being with my boys!!


One thought on “haven’t blogged in forever!!

  1. awesome pictures!!!!!!! i love the beach too…wish i could be joining you this summer for your beach outings 😦

    maybe one day…when we move to new hampshire…

    *i love all this blogging!!! keep it up :)*


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