Being Content

i was thinking back to about 2 years ago, and remembering where i was in life. me and adam were a little discouraged about finances, and we were trying to make a desicion. we had the opportunity to move from nh to florida. when we wrote everything out on paper, it seemed to make sense. it is much cheaper to live, we could buy a nice house, it is warmer, we could send the boys to a christian school, and adam would have a job. i remember even asking a friend of mine her thoughts. we both have similar passions – our children. (but she has 2 girls, i have 2 boys!) she said that we needed to think about what was best for our children -first. and i totally agree, but there was something in us that was telling us to stay. we didn’t hear a loud, booming voice from the sky, but there was a definate still, small voice! it would have been so easy and practical to make this decision, but there are times that God calls you to walk the harder path. what i mean by that, is that nh is a cold place, and a HUGE mission field. i have to admit that sometimes i get frustrated when i hear about great, christian families moving to a foreign country to be missionaries. don’t misunderstand me – i am all for foreign missions! i have great friends who are doing that, and i greatly respect them. it’s just that sometimes i think it is harder to stay here and minister to people who are so cold and unreceptive to the Gospel! that is what we were facing. we felt that God needed us here. of course, we could’ve gotten involved in ministry in florida, and God is not thrown off by our good or bad decisions. he can use us inspite of ourselves! but i have personally led 5 people to Christ, and been part of and seen about 5 others just in the last year in our church here in the remote state of NH!! i am constantly amazed at what God is doing. i am sitting here right now, in my living room – which is about 7×12. and i am totally and completely thankful, content, and overwhelmed by God’s goodness, and the way HE leads our family. he is such a good GOD!! i was talking to the boys the other day about a house we saw, and they said “ours is much bigger and better. it’s way funner” wow. it’s all about perspective! our house is NOT bigger than much, but when you are where God wants you it is the best place to be. i love psalm 16:6 “Your boundary lines mark out pleasant places for me. Indeed, my inheritance is something beautiful.” i am amazed by God’s grace, by his love and his plan. i love watching the young adults in our group share the verses that God is speaking to them. i love watching teenagers change their lives, and i love watching God work. i just read this verse today – “You hem me in, behind and before; you have laid your hand upon me.” i love that picture. His hand is upon me. I will rest in that today. no matter how big my house is, God is holding on to me!!

2 thoughts on “Being Content

  1. I love reading your blog! You have such an amazing way of putting things in perspective, and opening my eyes! I love you, and miss you…..It sure has been a long time! AmandaOh yeah, I guess i could share the name with you!


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