another beach day

today was a beautiful 80 degrees, so me and erika packed up all the kids and drove the bus…er, i mean, erika’s van…to odiorne point. the kids had a great time and it was perfect weather by the water. notice the pose of all the kids standing facing the water. it was sooooo funny – we lined them all up, then as me and erika were behind them taking their picture, she says “i wonder how long they would stay like that” so we took a couple pictures then went back and sat on the blanket. it was hilarious to just watch them all standing totally still, in a straight line facing the water. we were crying we were laughing so hard! finally, i think it was alissa who turned around and said “can we be done yet?” it was great. anyways…a great day and a great reminder of how amazing God’s creation is, and how thankful i am to have my family!!

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